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C2B2-Travel Assistance Program

C2B2 Travel Assistance Program 

·         Applicant must be a graduate student, post-doctoral fellow or faculty at one of the four C2B2 sites. 

·         Applicant’s projects must be collaborative across at least two C2B2 sites. 

·         Submit a 2-page (maximum) white paper to the C2B2 Office, at, by August 15, 2015.  No late entries will be accepted for this year’s grant cycle.  

·         Your white paper should contain paragraphs describing the following items: 

  1. Your biorefining and bioproducts research 
  2. The purpose of the travel (conference oral presentation, conference poster presentation, research at another institution, etc) for review by CU Directors.  
  3. Include a synopsis of your research and how the collaboration is taking place. 
  4. Provide a budget for your travel. 

·         Give a poster presentation on your research at the C2B2 Annual Meeting on September 24, 2015.  

·         Awards will be given based upon the evaluation of your white paper and your poster.  Larger awards may be given to proposals involving more institutions. 

If awarded, travel expenses of up to $5,000USD will be reimbursed by C2B2; though most awards are anticipated to be in the range of $1,000 - $1,500USD.  

·         Travel must take place and be processed for reimbursement BEFORE 12/31/16. 

·         Domestic and International travel are eligible for reimbursement. 

·         All travel is subject to University of Colorado Rules and Travel Procedures 

·         You must make your own travel plans, C2B2 will not make them on your behalf 

·         You must notify C2B2 of your travel plans, email notification is preferred

·         This program operates on a reimbursement basis only, no cash advances are allowed. 

·         Receipts must be submitted to the C2B2 office within 30 days of the conclusion of travel, and no later than 12/20/16. 


Prior Programs:

C2B2-Chevron Graduate Fellowship Program

AWARDEES: Congratulations to the following C2B2-Chevron Graduate Fellowship Recipients!

April Corpuz (Mines)
Jean Nicolas Enjalbert (CSU)
Benjamin Smith (CU)

John Field (CSU)
Barbara Fricks (CSU)
Melissa Rickman (CU)

Marc Baumgardner (CSU)
Liangju Kuang (Mines)

ELIGIBILITY: C2B2-Chevron Graduate Fellowships are awarded to 2nd or 3rd year PhD students who will be close to the end of his/her degree at the time the fellowship period ends. Applicants must be enrolled as a full-time graduate student in a PhD program at the University of Colorado Boulder, Colorado State University, or Colorado School of Mines.

FUNDING: C2B2-Chevron Graduate Fellowships are two year awards. Fellowship recipients receive $8,000 per year. Up to $5,000 of each annual award may be used to supplement the regular stipend offered by the student's home department (graduate students working at NREL will be funded via applicant's home university). The remaining funds (up to $3,000) may be used to support the student's research, including travel to conferences, computer purchases, research supplies, etc. Recipients must continue to make significant progress towards the completion of a degree program in order to maintain fellowship funding.

REVIEW PROCESS: C2B2-Chevron Graduate Fellowship applicants are reviewed by the C2B2 Executive Board of Directors. Chevron Technology Venture representatives review and make the final selection of fellowship recipients. Top applicants may be asked to meet with Chevron representatives at the C2B2 Semi-Annual Meetings. Applicants should plan accordingly.


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