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Profit from Our Synergy

Profit through Integration | Profit through Collaboration | Profit from Expertise

Profit through Integration

C2B2 members profit from C2B2´s comprehensive approach to biofuels and biorefining.

Our center endeavors to improve fundamental understanding and develop new technologies in areas relevant to the future commercialization of integrated, sustainable biorefining and biofuels processes.

C2B2 partner institutions and sponsor membership:

  • Seek to develop new understandings of biorefining and biofuel methodologies to further integrate renewable sources of materials and energy into the chemical industry.
  • Strive to provide relevant training for students (BS, MS, and PhD) and industrial scientists focused on researching and developing new biorefining and biofuel applications.
  • Work to create a vertically and horizontally integrated research and training environment where academia, industry, and national labs collaborate in the development of biorefining and biofuels technologies for future commercialization.

Profit through Collaboration

C2B2 is an open-membership Center. Our structure encourages membership among:

  • Small and Large Companies;
  • Domestic and International Companies;
  • Government Agencies;
  • Non-profit Organizations; and
  • Venture Capitalists

Our membership diversity promotes networking, innovation, and ultimately, the sustainability of the Center.

Profit from Expertise

With our single point of contact, C2B2 members obtain access to:

  • From Crops to Engines: Expertise in virtually all aspects of biofuels and biorefining research
  • World-class Facilities: CU, CSU, CSM & NREL
  • Talent for Hire: Outstanding students and post doctoral researchers
  • Networking: Interact with diverse C2B2 member companies
  • Return on Investment: Access to intellectual property rights and substantial institutional and state matching contributions

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