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Join Biofuel and Biorefining Professionals in Golden this Spring!

The biannual C2B2 Professional Short Course provides experienced scientists, engineers, and other industry members with exposure to the fundamental challenges, developing technologies and on-going field innovations.
Experience a personal workshop setting, and learn from expert instructors from CU, CSU, Mines and NREL. Course participants gain knowledge in each of C2B2’s six (6) research thrust areas. Tours of C2B2 facilities at Mines and NREL will be provided to provide all participants with in situ learning opportunities to enhance workshop discussions.
For pricing and registration instructions, review the C2B2 Professional Short Course Brochure.
Wednesday, March 9, 2011
8:00 AM   
Thrust 1: Feedstock Engineering, Plant Biotechnology and Crop Science – Plant Genetics and Aquatic Species
[Instructors: Dr. Jan Leach (CSU), Dr. Matt Posewitz (Mines)]

11:00 AM   
Thrust 2: Biochemicial Engineering and Bioconversion Technology [Instructors: Dr. Ryan Gill (CU), TBD]

12:30 PM  

1:30 PM   
Thrust 3: Thermochemical Engineering and Thermoconversion Technology
[Instructors: Dr. Tony Dean (Mines), TBD]

3:00 PM 
Thrust 4: Process Engineering – Biochemical and Heterogeneous Catalysis
[Instructors: Dr. Ryan Richards (Mines), TBD]

Tour of Colorado School of Mines Facilities

6:00 PM 
Networking Reception and Dinner

Thursday, March 10, 2011
7:00 AM   

8:00 AM  
Thrust 5: Product Engineering – Bioproduct Synthesis and Biofuels Characterization
[Instructors: Dr. John Dorgan (Mines), Dr. Anthony Marchese (CSU)]

10:30 AM
Thrust 6: Life Cycle Assessment and Policy Analysis
[Instructors: TBD]

12:30 PM 
Networking Luncheon

Tour of National Renewable Energy Laboratory Facilities

5:00 PM  
C2B2 Semi-Annual Poster Session and Networking Reception

Friday, March 11, 2011
8:00 AM – 1:00 PM
C2B2 Semi-Annual Meeting

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