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Synergy of Learning

Professional Education & Training

Our tertiary level of educational programming has been designed to meet the needs of research and industry professionals. Students are encouraged to enhance their lifelong learning and professional goals through the use of C2B2´s specialty educational programming:

  • Short Courses
    C2B2 Short Courses offer comprehensive training for industry and research professionals. Courses explore the latest innovations and developments from the bioenergy fields and provide an exceptional setting for educational growth. We plan to offer this course on a bi-annual basis.
  • Postdoctoral Fellowships
    C2B2 offers postdoctoral fellowships for top researchers in the biorefining and biofuels areas. Fellowships aim to enable outstanding professional minds and to enhance innovation. Click here to learn more about C2B2´s Postdoctoral Fellowship Program.
  • C2B2 Laboratory Experience for Industry Researchers
    Our Center provides industry researchers with the opportunity for unprecedented access to laboratories and training at the four C2B2 partner institutions.
  • Center Meetings
    Semi-annual C2B2 meetings foster interaction among academic, industry and national laboratory researchers. These meetings highlight Center-sponsored research as well as future research needs. This setting offers the opportune venue for interaction among professional colleagues, and fosters cross-disciplinary communication.

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